September 18th

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September 18th


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General Post Office
18th September 1813

I have the honour to acquaint your Excellency, that having laid your affiliation that the mails for Grenada might in future be forwarded by the Trinidad boats, instead of, at present, by that which proceeds to Tobago and St. Vincent, before my Lords The Post Master General, their Lordship commands me to state to your Excellency, that they have directed an arrangement to be carried into effect, which while item “have” your object in accelerating communication with Grenada, will likewise be the means of accommodation to St. Vincent.

The regulation which the “Definity” Postmaster General of Barbados is directed, by the present mail, to carry into execution, is, that instead of the boats taking the route they do at present, one of them should proceed to Tobago and Trinidad.

His Excellency,


Trinidad, and from there Grenada, and the other to St. Vincent and Grenada. IN this May, it is stated, the Mail for the two last mentioned islands would each then nearly a week sooner than by the present mode, and those for Trinidad on the other hand in consequence of the boat having to stop at Tobago, would be delayed only two days – the meeting of the two boats would at the same time be expedited but in the event of only one mail boat being at Barbados, on the arrival of the packet from England, “she” must “”take the long route by Tobago, as usual.

My Lord “” me to add, that it is always matter of gratification to them to be able to afford any additional accommodation to the Public, and that they apprehend the arrangement, as now detailed, cannot fail to ensure that objects.


I have the honours to be
Your Excellency’s most obedient humble servant.


18 September 1813
“” respecting the route of the mail boats.




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